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SIPs panels (Structurals Insulated Panels (see Glossary section for more details)) are used a lot in the timber frame industry. The advantages of using these insulated panels over conventional methods of exterior wall framing are as follows. Panels save time and unnecessary expenses because the panels come prefabricated and ready for installation. They are energy efficient and they also give added strength to the overall frame. They are able to resist loads caused by wind, snow and seismic activities.

If you choose SIPs for the insulation of your house, Heirloom can install them on your timber frame. In this case, we will take care of the plans needed to determine specifically what we need.  Then, we will order and deliver them to the job site. We will then be able to install the SIPs as illustrated further down.

However, it remains your choice to go with panels or not. Some of our clients prefere to use conventional stud walls or decide to do only the roof or a certain part of the house with panels. According to the design of your house and the fenestration, we can recommend you the best way to insulate; for example, panels are not really the best solution for a front house full of windows...

It is important for you to know that Heirloom Timber Frame will install only the SIPs and that you would have to deal with your contractor for any other insulation product, as well as for any other construction following the raising (doors & windows installation, floor, siding, etc...).

First step

All panels are ready to install once the frame is up.  We start by installing the wall panels, which are fastened on the exterior of the frame with long spikes.  Then we continue with the roof panels.  If you want wood boards for your ceiling, we can install them before we put our panels.

Second step

The panels are joined together by wooden splines, which are screwed together. Then holes are drilled along the seams to which foam is injected to seal the panels.

Structure is ready...

The exterior is now ready for the type of finish the homeowner has chosen.  The structure is also ready to receive the doors & windows.

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